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Permanent Jewellery

Beyond tattoos and piercings, there’s not a whole lot of permanence when it comes to self-expression. Fashion trends come and go & beauty looks can fluctuate. The simplicity of permanent jewellery allows them to be seamlessly worn by all genders and ages. 

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Image by Jasmin Chew
Image by Thomas Oldenburger
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How it Works

Permanent jewellery has taken the internet by storm. It is bracelets, necklaces, or anklets that are welded right onto you so there is no clasp and they don't come off. That sounds scary, but it's not at all. There is zero pain on your end whatsoever! 

Choose your chain & charm

We have 14k gold-filled and sterling silver chains to pick from. Optional to add a charm!

A quick zap!

We weld the chain on with a very quick zap. It's completely painless and secures the chain without a clasp making it permanent!

We get the perfect fit

We will attach the chain to you and make sure it fits you perfectly.

Time to show off!

The process is quick and fun making it the perfect experience to do with a friend, partner, child, etc. We love to see your finished pieces!

Our Chains

Our permanent jewellery chains are 14k gold-filled or sterling silver.

Cable Chain Silver
Bar Chain Silver
Paperclip Chain Silver
Rope Chain Silver
Cable Chain Gold
Bar Chain Gold
Paperclip Chain Gold
Rope Chain Gold
Image by Jess Bailey

All About Silver

“What is sterling silver? Is it real silver?”

Yes! Sterling silver is real silver: specifically, it is 925 silver, which refers to the percentage of silver versus alloyed metals.

Like gold, silver is alloyed for durability: the addition of other elements allows sterling silver to retain its lustrous brightness while lessening the likelihood of running afoul of dents and deep scratches caused by regular wear.

Let's Talk Gold

“What is gold filled? Is that just another name for gold plated?”

The answer is: no, not quite. The key difference has to do with how the gold is applied to the under-metal, and in what density.

As we all know, solid gold (also known as karat gold) can be a substantial investment. Gold-filled jewellery, often made available in rose or yellow gold, is a good-quality, affordable alternative: tarnish-resistant and designed to last, gold fill pieces can last a lifetime when well cared for!

Image by Keila Hötzel
Image by Janke Laskowski

No worries, we've got you covered.

If for any reason you want to remove your jewellery, simply cut it off with scissors or wire cutters. We suggest cutting it where the connecting link is so you can save the chain & we can reconnect it in the future if you ever want to. Re-welding fee of $25.

Commitment Issues?



14k Gold-Filled


.925 Sterling Silver



14k Gold-Filled


.925 Sterling Silver



14k Gold-Filled


.925 Sterling Silver





Connector Charms


Things to Note

  • While the welding takes just a few minutes, please expect a wait as we enforce strict cleaning protocols between each client.  

  • We can only hold your spot if you are present.

  • Prices do not include tax. Payments taken on the spot, after your custom piece has been completed.

  • We can accommodate anklets, however we will require you to lift your leg up onto a table, so please dress appropriately.

  • All sales are final.

Image by Ibrahim Boran

We are also booking private parties with a minimum of 8 people. We have custom packages built to suit your event- from bachelorette parties and bridal showers to a girls night, Mother’s Day outing or just for fun! 

Please contact us for pricing of your customized event!

Private Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Rings and Chain Bracelets

Express Yourself

Book your permanent jewellery appointment today!

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